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Does the Name of a Day Make a Difference?

The calendar was very important in Yeshua’s Jewish world. A week in his life consisted of seven day, just like our weeks today. There were some important differences, however. Does the name of a day make a difference? Try using Yeshua’s names of each day instead of Emperor Constantine’s and find out. Read the complete blog at --
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The Unrighteous Manager

No parable raises more ethical and moral questions than the parable that is traditionally known as – The Parable of the Unjust Steward. It is recorded in Luke 16. As you read the translation below (New King James Version), put yourself in the shoes of each of characters and view the events through their eyes. Was Jesus suggesting that his followers act like the steward in real life situations? Read the entire article at --

Rabbinic Insights about the Word “Yeshua”

Passover is approaching and in Jewish homes it is will be a time of retelling the story of the Exodus. It will also be a time of remembering lessons taught by generations of rabbis, as well as family traditions that are linked to story. The following account provides a very interesting insight into the word “yeshua” which appears in the Hebrew text of Exodus. I have added underlines to highlight some important points. Read the complete blog at –

Yeshua the Fence Builder

The Mishnah, which is called the Oral Law, records the sayings and teachings of generations of Jewish teachers. Its earliest teachers preceded or were contemporaries of Yeshua (the real name of “Jesus”). The importance of creating many disciples and accurately teaching them was clearly very important to Yeshua by the words recorded in the Synoptic Gospels. His well-developed skills of “fence building” are evident. Read the complete blog at by Clicking Here.

What Does God Want People To Do?

What does God want people to do? This is obviously a loaded question, but to answer it we need to answer two more questions first.
(1) Which God?
(2) What people?
For most of my friends from the Christian heritages that I grew up with, the answer to the first question is either “Jesus” or “the Trinity.” For most of my friends from the Jewish traditions the answer is “Yahweh” or a euphemism (HaShem) for the unpronounceable name. And then there my atheists friends who say, “There is no god, so don’t worry about it!” Read the complete blog at --

The Scrolls: Jesus In Context

However old and widespread the notion of “the Bible” as a series of books may be, though, it is a misleading concept.  The books of the Bible are not books in the modern sense of the word and did not exist as books in the ancient world. To see them as such distorts the historical reality. Read the complete blog at --